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Cannot connect to OpenLogger MZ with Digilent Agent

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I received a new OpenLogger MZ as part of the road tester program with the element14 community. I am attempting to set up the logger and have hit the following road block:

- I downloaded and installed Digilent Agent Version 1.2.3

- I plugged the OpenLogger into my Windows 10 PC via a micro USB cable

- I navigated to waveformslive.com and attemped to add the logger via the ADD DEVICE -> AGENT option.

- Upon trying to connect using the default address that pops up (http://localhost:42135), I get the message "No devices found."

For reference, the logger has a blinking green light (which I believe means it's ready but not logging), and I have windows firewall completely turned off (to avoid firewall issues).

All help appreciated. Thanks!

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Hi @snes369,

Thank you for reaching out to us about your problem. I am going to ask you to do a few things so that we can try and establish what the real issue is here. First, have you tried a different USB cable, and what sort of USB port are you plugging it into on the PC? Best get this out of the way off the bat.

If the cable is sound, has the device appeared in Ports section of the Device Manager? You can easily find this by right clicking the Windows Start menu and selecting 'Device Manager' from the new menu. Unplug the OpenLogger before you open the Manager, then once you've expanded the Ports section, plug the OpenLogger in and see if a new COM device is reported.

If we can see the OpenLogger in the Manager, are we able to get some output from a serial terminal? You can use whichever one, I use PuTTY and others here use Tera Term. If you specify a baud rate of 1250000 (1.25 MBaud), the terminal can establish a connection. Once the terminal has connected, press the reset button of the OpenLogger. It should output some information on the terminal after startup, such as calibration state and wifi state among others.

Let me know what results you find. Together we'll find the problem and its solution.


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