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Glitch in Output from Wavegen on OpenLogger

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I am getting acquainted with the OpenLogger and have started working through the tutorials.  I am using the latest firmware for the OpenLogger and am connected to a Windows 10 machine over USB.   Activating the Wavegen with a sine wave at default frequency of 1 kHz, 3 Vpp amplitude, and 0 DC offset gives a clean signal to my oscilloscope.  However, immediately upon starting streaming a repeating glitch appears near the zero crossing on both the oscilloscope and Waveforms Live as shown below in the attachments.  If Wavegen and streaming are turned off, and then started again the glitch disappears.  The behavior is repeatable if I shut down everything and start it up again. 

Is this a known bug and is there advice to avoid it other than restarting Wavegen and streaming? 




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