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Nexys 4 DDR ethernet help

Dan Lyle

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Hello all,

I am new to Ethernet and I am trying to learn how to use it on the nexys 4 ddr. I am trying to avoid using ip cores. I am not seeing packets that I am transmitting to the PC on wireshark. Currently the link light led on the nexys 4 ddr board is blinking meaning that I do not have a valid link but the PHY is detecting activity. I am unsure that I am correctly forming a IEEE 802.3 packet in my code and that I am using the PHY IC correctly. currently in my code I am just creating a fixed packet in code and just transmitting that to the PHY. Any help will be appreciated. I have attached my code. I am only creating an Ethernet packet and not a ip or UDP packet should I implement these as well or is just an ethernet packet okay?

Ethernet_top_level.vhd Ethernet_tx.vhd

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