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Continuing problems with OpenLogger MZ ...

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I got an OpenLogger MZ months ago when there first available. When the device arrived, there were lots of issues (download site down, general flakiness, etc.). I put the unit on the shelf since I didn't need it right away and hoped that the software would improve.

Yesterday I tried it out again and it's still really flaky. Note - I have no problems whatsoever with my AD2 or with a Digilent FPGA board.

I've tried it on two different hosts (both Mac's - I don't have anything else). Here is the core symptom at the moment:

(1) Install Digilent Agent while the OpenLogger DMZ device is not connected

(2) Launch Digilent Agent

(3) Connect the device via USB

(4) Go to www.waveformslive.com

(5) Add device of type Agent

(6) I get a page where I can choose a "Selected Device" from a drop down. This drop down is populated with:

  • cu.ARPT
  • tty.ARPT
  • cu.Bluetooth-Incoming-Port
  • tty.Bluetooth-Incoming-Port
  • cu.usbserial-210364AA7FEA0
  • tty.usbserial-210364AA7FEA0
  • cu.usbserial-210364AA7FEA1
  • tty.usbserial-210364AA7FEA1

Trying to "Open" any of these devices fails.

I'm beginning to think I have bad hardware since I can't believe anyone would put up with something this non-functional.

What can I do to get this thing to work?

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Hi @mossygreen,

The OpenLogger is only supported by Windows and is incompatible with versions of the agent older than 1.2.0. Windows is the only OS that supports changes made to the agent after 1.2.0 hence why the OpenLogger is only supported by it.

You could dual boot Windows on your Mac and get it working that way. If this is too tall an order to ask of you, then we will proceed with the returns process and give you a refund.

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The Digilent web site (having just checked) makes no indication that OpenLogger is only supported by Windows. All it requires is Digilent Agent (which has downloads for Mac, Linux, and Windows - again, as I type this) and the WaveFormsLive web site. I have no interest in booting to Windows (it's 2019 - right?). Looking on the product summary right now, there's no indication that it is Windows only at all.

If there is no support for Mac, then Digilent has mis-represented their product and needs to refund my purchase. How do we proceed?

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Thank you for pointing out that nowhere does the store page say that the OpenLogger is only supported by Windows. We make statements on the wiki to that effect, but the store page needs to state that as well. I will get the store page updated promptly to state that.

To start the returns process, please contact our sales department and we will refund you your purchase.

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