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Which rev of zedboard to buy


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Hi @m3atwad,

Rev D.2 is the latest version of the Zedboard, so that is the one I would recommend as it contains the production "C" grade silicon for the SoC chip (as per the Zedboard Hardware User Guide).

Those of us at Digilent have not personally used that FMC card but based on the description of the controller board provided on the page you linked "Compatible with all Xilinx FPGA platforms with FMC LPC or HPC connectors" and the Zedboard has a FMC LPC connector, it should be compatible, especially considering that there is a bundle that Avent created with the two products together: http://zedboard.org/product/zynq-idk-ii.

You do not need the SDSoC voucher unless you plan to specifically use it. The voucher is good for one year starting from the time you redeem it on the Xilinx website and allows you to download any version of SDSoC that is available during that year. Once the year has completed, you will not be able to download any new versions, but you will not lose any functionality of the version you have installed. However, based on the Xilinx SDSoC page, it appears there will be no future versions of Xilinx SDSoC starting with 2019.2 (the current version on Xilinx's release cycle) and has everything unified into Vitis, which I believe does not require any special licensing or voucher, though there might be some features that are license locked, though I do not know this for certain. Xilinx would be better able to comment on this. Regardless, considering that SDSoC will no longer be released as a stand-alone product, I probably would not get the voucher unless you wanted to use the older software.


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