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Can OpenLogger Work standalone?

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I am interested to use this product for our company project.

1. Can this product run standalone? So after it is programmed on which channel to log data, it will just work on itself to continuous logging data onto SDCard?

2. What is the maximum operating temperature for this product.



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Hi @gss,

1. The OpenLogger has Log-on-Boot functionality as of the latest WaveForms Live update. A toggle to configure the device was added underneath the Advanced section on the Logger page. When enabled, the device will save the current parameters to a file that is read when the OpenLogger boots. In the case of logging to SD, the device will check to see if the SD exists, wait for the SD card file system to initialize and then start logging if all is good.

You'll also want to know, in the case for SD logging, that you may corrupt the SD file system if the board is reset while logging to the SD card. To prevent this, hit the program button (PROG) and logging will stop cleanly by writing all headers and closing the files. You may then safely reset the board and logging will start again. On each reboot a new logging session is created, so previous logs won't be overwritten. Up to 1000 sessions (restarts) may exist on the SD card.

When setting log on boot, you either must tell the OpenLogger to begin logging, or reboot it to start the initial session.

2. I do not know this at the moment, but have asked for the relevant information. Stay posted and I'll update you as soon as I know. Do you mind my asking what your intended application is?


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Hi AndrewHolzer, 

Thanks a lot for the reply. We are using it in oil and gas application. Just a important point, if the power is suddenly cut, all the files will be corrupted? In addition, what is the size of the PCB without case? Trying to open the design file posted b your web page without any luck.

Thanks once again.



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Only the files that are opened will be corrupted. I don't know what the OpenLogger is doing with the files as it logs to the SD but can figure out if you require further information.

I just had issues with the PCB dimensions file and had trouble myself. I am going to see if that can be fixed, but in the meantime I measured each side of the PCB to be 2 & 13/16 inches,

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