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Linux Technical Query!

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Hello Everyone, I just want to know Is linux interview tough? My interview has been scheduled in next week. Can anyone provide me list of interview questions for linux profile as a fresher level. I have covered some most important topics like Linux, BASH and DOS, symbolic links, daemons and some more. 

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Have you considered installing Linux? E.g. a virtual machine or a Raspberry PI.

$0.02: Learning interview questions is an immensely popular topic on the web but I'm sometimes wondering how much point there really is.

So the skillset you are presenting has been obtained from a book over a few days. Surprisingly, the company is still more than happy to hire you.

Question is ... do YOU want to work for this company?

Lots of people hate their job. Every day. And this starts here ... think.


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Yeah, I'll second everything that @xc6lx45has mentioned.

I'll also toss in the idea that trying to pretend that you have experience in order to pass a job interview is silly at best. What if you do get the job. Are you expecting to be shown a desk and forgotten about for a few months while you try an catch up on whatever your assignments require?

As for Linux; there are users and developers. I use a variety of Linux distributions and usually get confused trying to do things as a user when changing to a different distribution for short projects. As a developer the situation is much worse.

I will say that trying to get that first job, doing what you want to do, is difficult these days unless you are lucky enough to have the right "in" and or recommendations, and highest class  ranking. I'll also mention that from my experience the whole job interview process is flawed to being useless at most companies. The object is supposed to be finding the best candidate for the current opening requiring a particular set of skills ( and that by itself is one reason why companies can't succeed at this stupid exercise). What actually happens is rarely anything close to this objective. Some companies will subject candidates to a "personality" test which is almost a guarantee that they are trying to weed out honest conscientious candidates because either the company as a whole engages in unethical or illegal business practices or because there is a high ranking officer of the company who is totally incompetent and doesn't want anyone who might ask embarrassing questions in the building. Trust me; there are a lot of companies out there that no sane person would want to work for.

Long gone are the days when companies hired new graduates expecting to train them and develop them over a long period (say 5-10 years).

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Thanks @zygot and @xc6lx45 to sharing such a important thinks, I have found some important list of questions and I have prepared all these and finally i have crack my interview. Once again thanks to all you. I am sharing that list to you, You both also liked it.

Q: Can you tell us about the basic components of Linux?

Q: Please draw a comparison between BASH and DOS.

Q: How will you check out how much memory Linux is using?

Q: Please explain symbolic links in Linux.

Q: Can you tell us about the various kinds of permission under Linux? Also, explain how to change permissions.

Q: What do you understand by daemons?

Q: Please explain the various modes when using vi editor.

Q: How will you append one file to another in Linux?

And few more with answer here

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