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experiment on long time data logging

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I am trying to continuously log data. I have logged data to the SD card for more than 20 hours. The experiment result is pretty good: 1. the OpenLogger can continuously work; 2. it can split files automatically 3. the maximum size of a single file is about 3.7GB

However, the time of each data file is wrong. Does the OpenLogger have any timing module? I have made it connected to the internet. Is it possible for it to adjust time according to the internet?





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Hi @Peggy,

If you are connected to Wifi, then you will be able to get an accurate timestamp; this is shown a bit more in this thread where we got the time elapsed since epoch and printed it out over a serial port using the functions built into the DEIPck library (which the OpenLogger uses).

However, it was also done in the Arduino IDE, and I am uncertain where you would incorporate it into the OpenLogger code to get it to save in it's own file (or at the top of each .log file)? This also doesn't solve why the SD card you have is saving at that particular time and date since it is not the epoch time (January 1st 1970). The firmware engineer out on their honeymoon this week, but I will ask them about this once they return to the office.


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