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Noob OpenScope MZ issues??

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My Openscope MZ board arrived yesterday, and I've been setting it up following the video series. My board seems to be displaying some issues: 

1: In Waveforms live, The Waveform generator does not display a waveform. I select the power button icon on the wavegen, then select a channel in the same way and hit Single. Nothing happens. No trace, or waveform. 

2: I have the board set up with a direct usb connection and a wifi connection across the network however, the blue led wifi indicator on the openscope does not stay lit, and regardless of which device connectivity I choose the result is the same ie no waveform generated in waveforms live. 

3. Occasionally when selecting "Single" I also get a message saying that "the device is already in use" when its not measuring anything. 

4. After restarting the device, I attempted to see a waveform again and this time I hit "Single" and got a message saying "The AWG may have been running and has been stopped, please try again". I tried again, hit "single", nothing happened, so I hit "Abort" and got this message "Error stopping trigger, if this problem continues, restart the device and waveforms live". I tried again, and got nothing again. 

The experience so far has been frustrating. Is my board faulty or not configured correctly. I'm at a loss right now. 

Any help would be very much appreciated.


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