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Open CV error



Hi everyone,


I got this error after building the SDx project satisfactorily and I do not understand what is going from in teh code to abort the program execution.

Has anybody faced this?


Kind regards






image.thumb.png.6d19454df49adeb7af9c695ec2084ea8.pngHi everyone

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Hi @Esti.A,

Do you use an example project or you developed your own?

From the error message that you've post I understand that the error is generated by the bilateral_8u function from smooth.cpp module.

The condition that is not met is the following:

(src.type() == CV_8UC1 || src.type() == CV_8UC3) && src.data != dst.data

The above condition is not met in two cases:

1. If the src parameter is not CV_8UC1 (unsigned char + one channel) or CV_8UC3 (unsigned char + three channels)

2. If the input image (src) and the output image (dst) are the same.

Please check that the above mentioned condition is met in your code.

Maybe you will find something useful here and here.

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