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Hello, FPGA and logic design newbie


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Hi all,

I am new to FPGA and it is my hobbies. Most of my job is to design RTL IP and ASIC related work.

Currently, I am investigating bus interface in general from UART, I2C, PS-2 to AXI, SPI and so on.

My target is to build an IP set to adapt the peripheral using those Interface.

Hope to see someone in the same interest.

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54 minutes ago, Sduru said:

I am also interested in this kind of task. :)  But I will be using AXI Stream and MIPI interfaces with a lot errors that I need to solve..

Hi, thanks for a reply.

Let share the project and problem. We can learn from them. :)

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11 hours ago, fpga_babe said:

I am new to FPGA

Since you already have a strong HDL and logic foundation the only advice, based on experience with ASIC designers, that I can offer is to thoroughly immerse yourself in the documentation related to a particular FPGA device and the Xilinx toolset. 

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