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bsp file creation 2018.3



I want to create bsp for 2018.3 to zybo-z7-10.

I am working on petalinux and vivado 2018.3 with zybo-z7-10. i found out that you released bsp till 2017.4. So i try to create  bsp for 2018.3. i referenced some other guides.  They said I want to add petalinux edk repository in xsdk after creation of hdf from vivado. But i cannot find that repo in petalinux 2018.3.

    /petalinux/2018.3/components. In this i cannot find that repository.

I stucked up with this step. Whether i want continue from this step or is there any other way to create a bsp file?

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Was there any progress on this? I'm getting a warning and then errors building petalinux with 2017.4 using 2019.1 PetaSDK. I'm trying to avoid going back multiple years in the tool chain.. or something else is wrong?

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