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[OpenScope MZ] Can't connect to WiFi

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I have a problem with connection to my local WiFi network. I make everything as it is said in tutorial. The connection is possible only with my mobile phone hotspot but not with my local network with WPA2 Personal security system. Always there is Error setting WiFi parameters.

Can anybody tell me what am I doing wrong or how to connect OpenScope to my local network ?

Thank You

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Hi @Vroobee,

I experienced this when the WiFi signal of our local network was not strong enough where the OpenScope was located.

Also check if you have a MAC filter or static IP adresses enabled in your local network. I think the Scope will prompt that error also when the connection has been refused by the other side for any reason.




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signal is ok. I've placed OpenScope about 1,5 m next to the WiFi router. So that is not the problem. 

I think it's the second option, U mentioned. Is there any solution to that ? How to connect OpenScope through WiFi in that case ? 

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