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Hi to all !!

Got my OpenLogger  and installed Digilent Agent on my Windows 10 notebook. No errors. 

1. Then followed line by line the Getting Started instructions.  Have come stuck at the Device Identification via Agent. I just get a message " Error connecting to device " . What could be wrong  ?? 

2. Am I supposed to power up the board or only the USB cable is enough ? When exactly one use the DC power socket for power up? The manual is sadly silent on this ...

3. Instead of the Web based Waveforms Live how to host it locally on my PC ?

When I try to enter http://localhost:42315 into Chrome browser I get a 404 response.

I even tried to run the Agent in WIN8 compatibility mode. No use...

SO what else do I need to check

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OK to cut a long story short I have reached somewhere and got stuck here :

1. The OpenLogger  connects to Agent only when there is no WiFi connected to the laptop ( WIN10) .  I know this sounds silly but that is the fact.

2. I can only download the firmware 0.1691 by the direct method. And this firmware is really useless … nothing works when I click Instrument Panel. Just get a message Connecting and then nothing happens ?

3. If I connect to the net and download the firmware 1.301 or something like that, it runs all the way and freezes. And it hangs at the Trying to Reconnect and then says Update Failed. 

4. Tried Microsoft Edge and Chrome and results are same. 

So much for a revolutionary product through Crowd Funding. I am loosing all hope of seeing any plot on screen... Just a cute looking PCB that does nothing ?

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Hi @Raghunathan,

Do you have the OpenLogger or the OpenScope MZ?

The latest OpenLogger Firmware is 0.1719.0; the 1.301 firmware you referred to is only for the OpenScope MZ and will not work on the OpenLogger MZ. What version of the Digilent Agent are you using? When you right click on the Digilent Agent in the system tray (the Digilent Agent icon in the default bottom right hand corner of the Windows 10 desktop display), does it say the "Digilent OpenLogger MZ" is connected?

You can power the board just through USB. Offline support is possible by just using the copy of WaveFormsLive that is part of the Digilent Agent and is described in the related tutorial on the OpenLogger Resource Center. However, it is recommended to use WaveFormsLive.com as that will be the most up to date.

Thank you,

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Hi Colvin,

Glad to get a response. I am using the OpenLogger MZ only. And even Agent reports it like that only.  Let me summarize the exact situation I am in :

1. Agent V1.23 is running .

2. I connect OpenLogger via USB. Connects via COM port 27. 

3. I choose Airplane mode to delink from Net. Yes unless I do this Agent does NOT connect. 

4. I choose WaveForm Live via Agent. Get connected. 

5. I again link to the net and click Update Firmware. The resulting screen is what you see attached. I dont even know about the firmware 0.1719.0.  Where can I get it ? 

Possibly all my woes are gone if I get the right Firmware. Please help.  And just one last question : As of now for logging I need to be connected to the PC and running Waveform Live. Right ? 


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Just  landed on this help page for  Waveforms Live.  https://reference.digilentinc.com/reference/software/waveforms-live/update-firmware

Its clear that OpenLogger firmware update is NOT supported by this application. So looks like I need to get hold of the 0.1719.0.hex file and flash the OpenLogger with it.  I now should where to get it ... would have been great if this was uploaded on the Resources page instead of the old 0.1691.0 stuff. 

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Hi Andrew.... so kind of you. Thanks for the support. 

SO all my woes boil down to two things :

1. For some odd reason WIN10 does not connect using the on line version of WaveForms Live.  I have even tried with totally disabling Firewalls of Defender on Domain/Private/Public nets.

2. The bigger problem is when I force Agent to fire up the local copy of WaveForms live it identifies the Openlogger as OpenScope and hence does not work at all ... even the Instrument panel does not fire up. Maybe the copy of Waveforms Live that Agent installs needs a fix too. 

Till the above bug is fixed looks like I have to live with the laptop with WIN 8.1 only. 

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