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OpenLogger for analog K thermocouple sensors?

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I am interest to purchase the OpenLogger board.  But have a question.

Hope you can help to clarify.    I want to use the device to collect data for analog K Thermocouple sensors

Would it support analog input such as  K type of thermocouple sensors?
What are some of the K type thermocouple sensors it support?

If the OpenLogger doesn't support is there a similar options?

Thank you.

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Hi @yoom@misoccer.us,

The OpenLogger does not have any way to measure protocol information, so it would not be appropriate for a sensor that converts the K type thermocouple Analog Data into digital data (at least on the interpretation side of things). Similarlly, while it could work for just analog data, the OpenLogger does not support the needed resolution (41.276 uV/deg C) to correctly analyze the data.

If you are using a sensor, such as the Pmod TC1, I would recommend using a microcontroller or microprocessor to receive the data from a thermocouple.

Let me know if you have any questions about this.

Thank you,

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