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Estimated data for communicating to OpenLogger via wireless

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There seems to be some alternative facts about the OpenLogger communications via wireless.  The "start" page for the OpenLogger describes a procedure for setting up the wireless.  However, there is a post in this forum with a response that effectively says not supported now, maybe next release.  Could you create a FAQ that makes this more obvious and provide an estimate for when you expect this feature to be done.  This is the primary reason I bought the device.  

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As far as I can see its still coming. Somewhere in April. Have a look at the updates here





With the current release of the firmware the OpenLogger can stream data over USB to WaveFormsLive.com. We are in the process of testing and refining logging to the SD card so we can get that out in our next firmware update. After that we will follow the order from our first update:

  • Data averaging
  • Logging to an SD card
  • Reading data while logging
  • Wi-Fi support
  • Digital I/O support

We expect to have all listed functionality complete by the beginning of April.



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