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OpenLogger scaling and profile issues

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I've noticed some problems with openlogger and waveforms live:

1. If I try to enter a equation into the analogue channel scaling popup, I cannot enter "mV" for the units. It looks like entry is restricted to a single letter only. That is a bit limiting. Furthermore any scaling equations I enter there don't seem to be saved, so I can't reload them next time I start waveforms live

2. Under the Advanced section, if I save the profile its not there the next time I run waveforms live. Where is it saved to, and how do I retrieve a stored profile?


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Hi @sgrobler,

1. Can you tell me what you are trying to accomplish here? I don't think I understand what you'd like to happen, but I'll try to explain why it is the way it is:

We have the concept of units of measurement and prefix, units being things such as voltage, pascal, ampere, etc and prefixes as milli, micro, Mega, etc. The OpenLogger only measures voltages and passes these voltage samples back to WFL which draws the data on the chart. The sensor that your OpenLogger is sampling takes real life analog signals and converts them to a voltage, but you and I would think of that voltage as representing those signals, ie pascals if you're measuring pressure. The scaling popover takes care of translating the voltage output of the OpenLogger to whatever unit of measurement makes sense for the signal you are measuring. The scaling of the unit value happens based on what you want to see in the chart, which can be changed by shift+scrolling in the chart or setting the Volts/ input. 

2. Profiles are saved within the flash storage of the OpenLogger. When WFL connects to the device it will query it for any profiles it may have. If you check the file explorer in the logger page, you can expand the Flash section and see each profile saved to your device. Saved scaling equations on the other hand are saved to localstorage in your browser.

What browser are you using? I will also mention that in order for these settings to be applied and saved you must click their respective save buttons. If you are doing that but nothing is being saved then there is a bigger issue that I can help you debug.


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Thanks for your reply, herewith further explanation:

1. My selection of mV was a bad example! I just want to multiply the ADC volts by say 1000 and lets say I want my units to be Pa. The issue is that if I enter "Pa" into the units box, it fails. If I enter ANY 2-letter code into the units box it fails - "invalid units". If I enter a single letter it accept it. See screenshot below:scaling.PNG.70c6561f80c5110eb2c0a80bb9039b9a.PNG








2. I'm using Firefox. I will try another browser to see it makes any difference. Whats the recommended browser?

With regard profiles, if I go to the file browser I can see the name of my profile stored there under flash. But I have no way of loading it. It does not appear in the profile drop-down box.





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