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Anybody else just get an OpenLogger and already fed up with Digilent?

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Got my OpenLogger over the weekend. Was excited to hook it up and get it working at the office on Monday.

Issue 1: No labeling for pinouts on the header. Ok hit the crowd supply project page. Nope, not there. Google around a bit. go to the forum. Oh found this sheet with the OpenLogger landing page.. must be there.. ahh crap I MUST register??   Not exactly OPEN is it? If you are a new user to digilent, you better bookmark the page after you register, because EVERY <moderated> time you go to the landing page you will have to register again. WHAT?!?!?

issue 2 : (I guess my fault) I totally missed in the instructions that you have to install the agent software. hit the waveformslive.com url over and over and kept getting the same errors described here: https://forum.digilentinc.com/topic/5127-error-connecting-to-the-digilent-agent-please-make-sure-the-digilent-agent-is-running/   After much frustration, I found an old link mentioning the need to install the agent. Ah-HA!!    hey digilent customer service. Here is a tip. If people keep insisting they are getting the error, but you keep insisting it "works on all of our computers, I cant imagine what your issue is!" perhaps first kindly ask "did you install this software first?" and send the link. Likely save a lot of frustration.

issue 3: Of off to get that agent software OH GOD I HAVE TO REGISTER on ANOTHER form. Seriously?! And if i forget to save this file for future use, and install on another machine, Ill have the joy of registering AGAIN.

issue 4: Ok I want to complain. Enough is enough. This is a bit insane. I mean, you dont even give the option to UNCHECK the automatic subscribe to your promotional mail services. I dont want them. I dont want to give you all my info. I just want to use the product and get on with my work. Why are you making this so <moderated> hard for an "OPEN" device?!?!  But you guessed it : If you want to complain, you will have to register YET A THIRD TIME!!!

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Hey MRE,

Sorry to hear that you got off to a rocky start with OpenLogger.  I'll add some links here so others can benefit from your feedback.

  • All of our OpenLogger documentation is linked from the OpenLogger resource center and I suggest all new users follow the instructions in the OpenLogger Getting Started Guide for initial setup.
  • You can find the pinout diagram on the OpenLogger resource center as well (top left side).  The pinout diagram is also available once you're connected to the device in WaveForms Live (see image below).  I wish we could have labeled the pins on the PCB, but unfortunately there was not enough room.



  • I'll add a work item to update the error message to explicitly mention that you need to install the Digilent Agent rather than just "... Please make sure the Digilent Agent is running".  For future reference you can download the Digilent Agent here.  
  • Unfortunately none of the issues in the thread you referenced were as simple as the Agent not being installed.  We do the best we can to test on a wide variety of hardware and operating system permutations.  Since we can never catch all the corner cases we try to be very responsive and help troubleshoot any issues our customers run into and build the fixes into the product so everyone can benefit.
  • This is one of our first releases where we're using a new file manager to host our downloads.  We're working on making it so won't be prompted to register more than once, sorry for the inconvenience while we work this out.



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My experience with the Open Logger is almost same … in my case I did follow the Getting Started instruction page and installed the Agent and made sure it was running . Yes it was running and then launched the WaveForms Live via the link on that TaskBar icon of the Agent. 

I am running WIN10 and my DeviceManager reports that USB-Serial is active on COM27. But I keep getting the " ... unable to connect. Is the Agent running ?? " message.

I am very unhappy ? 

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@Fa-b ...Thanks. I am well past those stages and have discovered a few things however ridiculous they may look :

1. The Agent connects to the board only when in Airplane mode. Meaning it connects only when the local copy of WaveForms Live is used by the Agent.

2. All right it connected and asked me to update the firmware. Fair enough.

3. Followed the process only to get stuck at the last bit.... followed by Update Failed message. 

4. Now with no firmware the board is dead.

5. Ok now its  time to load the firmware the hardway by entering boot load.. and choosing to download the HEX file . But that seems to be written by my grand dad … its so old. Something like 0.1691 whereas the latest is 1.301 something. 

Really I am at my wits end.. its a product from Diligient and looks so Pro but if I am struggling like this I wonder a guy who has not worked with embedded systems and knows nothing about firmware/ flashing and the like. For sure its not for the weak at heart !! Ha ha ..

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