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Logic analyzer pinout question

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Hello, first post here:-)


Just got my OpenScope today; when reading reading the reference manual here:




In the header pinout it mentions D1 to D10, but later in the description  of the logic analyzer it mentions D0 to D9 and, especially, that D0-D3 are 5 volt tolerant; so does that mean that D1 to D4 are 5 volt tolerant? ( I want to use it with my Arduino... )

Regards, Peter

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Hi @Peter76,

Only DIO0-DIO3 are 5V tolerant; based on Table 4 of the PIC32MZ EF family datasheet the package pins B52, A64, A66, and B56 (D0-D3, respectively) are 5V tolerant whereas the remaining 6 pins on Port 5 (package pins A67, A3, B2, A4, B10, A12 for DIO4 through DIO9).

So you are correct, only D1, D2, D3, and D4 (as per the labeling on the pinout) are 5V tolerant and can safely be used with an Arduino using 5V logic. The other IO pins are not 5V tolerant.

Let me know if you have any other questions about this.


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