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Nexys 4 board


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Hello there, 
I have a Nexys 4 board ,I am working on to make the two 7-segment displays increment simultaneously using keil(C and assembly)and vivado(verilog), but i've just the address of the first 7-segment display(0x54000000) so the  second still shows 8888

 it would be great if I can have any lead. 


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Hi farah,

If I'm understanding your question correctly, you want to know what pins you need for the second seven segment display to get it running. The way the Nexys 4 is set up, both seven segment displays share the same cathodes (each little portion of the digits), but all have separate anodes. Looking at the XDC file for the Nexys 4 (available in the Nexys 4 Resource Center), one seven segment display uses the anode names AN0 through AN3, while the other display uses AN4 through AN7. In principle then, when you update the seven segment display you have running now, you would tell the other display to also update its digits (with its set of anodes) simultaneously.

Let me know it this answers your question!


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