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Hello everyone. I just got my OpenScope MZ but am completely unable to get any meaningful response from it.
When connecting the USB cable, LD5 & LD6 LED's blink once but no more. There is no reaction from any of my Windows 10 machines.

I'm used to programming Arduinos so I would expect a COM port to appear - but there is nothing at all. I have tried 5 USB cables and 2 computers.
Is this a power or communication problem? Thank you!


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I once bought a 10 pack of USB micro cables because they were cheap, thinking that with 10 cables I'd always be able to find one.  They got disbursed throughout my collection of cables before I realized they were 'charge only' cables.  They haunt me to this day...

Let us know if you run into any more issues and we can help suggest troubleshooting steps.





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