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NEXYS 4 help


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Dear All

I have bought NEXYS 4 recently . I have basic knowledge of VHDL . Now I want to go further in digital design system.Please suggest me some good books or video or guide me. I will be very thankful

I have NEXYS 4 board and Xilinx 14.2 software installed on my PC.

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In the learn section of our website you can find various tutorials and documents that can help you learn more. You'll find there tutorials for ISE and VIVADO, some projects and other stuff. On the xilinx website you could also find some documentation.

Here is a link to our "Learn" section: https://learn.digilentinc.com/classroom/

Also here in our wiki you can find textbooks: https://reference.digilentinc.com/doku.php#textbooks

Best regards,


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