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Hello! And a question about the right tools to download


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Hello all. I have been programming in C/C++ for almost 30 years and before that in assembler and BASIC on an Apple 2...yes, a long time ago!  I've also had several years experience doing embedded design with Atmel products and PCB design.  I have been learning Verilog and VHDL for the last couple of years and about 6 months ago bought a Lattice MachXo2 Breakout board and a few different Codec boards aimed at audio encoding/decoding. I've also done a bunch of work with the Mico8 and it's environment and integration. My short term goal is to learn about digital filtering as applied to accelerated functions in FPGA fabric and coefficient generation. I just purchased a ZYBO Z7 with a 7020 with the I2S PMod and the SDSoC-Zynq Development voucher. As such I'm also looking forward to learning about machine vision and other video related technologies. I went to the link at Xilinx to dl the tools and At the top of the release notes for SDSoC 2018.1 There was this information:

SDSoC™ and SDAccel™ are now fully integrated with Vivado® Design Suite, no longer requiring a separate Vivado Design Suite image.

Then, further down the notes is this:

Note: There is no separate Vivado® version of the installation, only "stand alone" and SDx installationsĺ Any difference in the installation happens if you use a different xsetup installer, that is the one from SDx™ or the one from Vivado. Running the SDx xsetup installer would get you the same Vivado as the 2017.4 Vivado xsetup installer, and offers the same options as the Vivado System Edition installation. The SDx xsetup installer is a super-set of the Vivado SE version.

So, I'm inferring from all the release note information is that I should not download and install Vivado 2018.1 webpack edition, but the SDSoc 2018.1 version and that will have everything I need to get up and running?

Sorry for the 'long winded' question... I just don't want to do this incorrectly, and have to do it over again due to the length of the install process.

One last question...Is there a difference between the 'standard' SDSoC Environment and reVision? Is it just a different set of libraries?

Thank you in advance for any help in getting me up and running th right way on this platform.

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I answered my own question. I went to the link and downloaded the installer for SDx and installed that, which gave me Vivado, Vivado HLS, and DocNav, all in the 2018.1 format. Then it was a simple matter to license the installation and I was up and running in a few minutes...after a lengthy download. My next challenge was to find the code for the OOB demo that the ZYNQ -7020 ships with. I found that at the bottom of the ZYBO Z7 product page. I downloaded that and opened the readme to find out it would only work with 2016.4. i created a new thread to address that.

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