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VmodCAM to FMC Interface Adapter for Digilent Nexys Video


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Hi ALL!!!

I made an adapter to connect VmodCAM to Digilent Nexys Video FPGA board through the FMC connector. It looks like this:


Top View (VHDCI Connector)



Bottom View (FMC-LPC Connector)



VHDCI Connector View



VmodCAM (Not included)



VHDCI Male to Male Cable (Not included)



Digilent Nexys Video (Not included)



Please note the VHDCI connector is female so you will need a VHDCI male to male cable to connect the VmodCAM (not straight connection).


This is a prototype so if you are interested just contact me.


Attached file is a User Constraints File (.ucf) for this module on Digilent Nexys Video.


Just to wish you Merry Christmas !!! 



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Hello ASMartin,

Great work ASMArtin!

Now we only need to wait for Digilent to create a new VmodStereoCam!

Any news on when is the new stereo VMODcam going to be built?

This board also opens up to use other development boards that has an FMC connector on the board, i.e, Zedboard, ZC706 etc etc




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Thanks Virtextoo.

I'm a man of facts rather than promises :D.

I previously asked for a stereovision camera module like VmodCAM for Nexys Video (FMC-LPC interface) last october, but I received no answer. That's why I decided to develop this interface adapter.

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