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gcc for petalinux



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You will want to use petalinux-config -c rootfs and enable the packagegroup-buildessential option (it will be in the "misc" folder). It may be called packagegroup-petalinux-buildessential, I'm going off memory here. I know there is also a "selfhosted" packagegroup, but I think I remember determining that the additional packages it adds were not needed in most cases. You can try enabling that packagegroup too if you are not concerned about rootfs size.

Once that is enabled you should have gcc, g++, ld, etc installed into your rootfs. This will allow you to do the "self hosted" type of development, for example writing the program on your host machine, transferring the source using scp, and then building on the running system by calling g++ from the command line. 

Petalinux also provides a simplified environment for cross compilation development, which can be better in some situations (for example, when linking in libraries but trying to keep rootfs size small). This is handled by installing "app" recipes into your petalinux project, which will then automatically be built and installed into your rootfs when petalinux-build is run. For information on developing petalinux apps, see UG1144 from Xilinx.

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