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Can't connect to OpenScope MZ from a Mac

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I've connected the OpenScope to my MacBook through the USB-C <-> USB dongle, but it's not showing up on waveformslive.com when I try to add it via the Digilent Agent. These are the only ports/devices I can choose:


I would expect to see a "tty.USBSerial" or something like that.

When checking the USB interface in the "System Report" under "About This Mac" I see the OpenScope as expected:


This is how my Digilent Agent menu looks:


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I've installed the drivers as instructed and even the D2xxHelper as recommended on the download page, but it doesn't seem to have done any difference. I still don't see tty.USBSerial device.

FYI: I've double checked the getting started guide and there's no reference to any drivers, so your documentation is really not that good. It also tells me to look for a COM port which obviously is a Windows thing. So when I first started out I had to go dig in the forums to find out what to do as a Mac user.

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Hey Watson,

Mac users typically do not need to manually install the drivers, but we've seen a couple instances where updating the drivers helps.

Can you run the Digilent Agent with admin privillages.  It's possible the user that the Agent is running as does not have permissions to access the port.



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I just found another post (below) that mentions a Wacom tablet installation interfering with the OpenScope. I, too, have a Wacom Intuos Pro and following the suggestions in the quoted post, deleted the FTDIKext.kext file. WaveForms now finds my scope! It is updating firmware now, so not quite out of the woods yet but making progress. I haven't tried using the tablet, so no idea if I have introduced an issue on that side...


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