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NI Circuit Design Suite Installations


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I purchased the NI Circuit Design Suite Student Edition, and I am wondering how many installs are possible with the software. I would like to start working with the software, but may upgrade to a new PC in a month or two. Would I be able to install the software first on my current PC and later on a new PC, or can it only be installed a single time?
Thank you!
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Dear mb7270,

I had to do some research about this software. This is a NI academic product so I do not have all the information I would like to have to answer this question. What I have found may be able to answer. Looking at the full version of Multisim software on NIs website I have found that when you purchase that program you will get a product license which you would input into an account on NI. From there you would be able to down the program and then use your account license to be able to use that program. It appears you would be able to upgrade to a new computer and use that license on the new computer. That information is for the the Full-edition of Multisim. While I do not know if that applies to the student edition I do have a recommendation. If you go onto the NI website and go to their forums or contact their sales department they will be able to give you a more complete answer. I hope this helps.

Best Regards,


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