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  1. This is the current windows OS. It updated from Windows 10 Version 21H2. The python version is also shown attached as well as the DASYLab version that is currently being used. I believe that the previous employee used the same version. Looking into the module made as well as the suggestion posted above, I think that I am using the same python, and do not need to upgrade python versions.
  2. A previous employee created Psychrometric modules in Python using CoolProp. Recently my PC underwent microsoft updates, and ever since then the module creates this error when I try to run a certain worksheet. I created a new test worksheet, using this module and it worked as expected, but the worksheet I need for testing will show the error. I don't understand how to assign a value to the 'result' variable. I did not make the module and can't find the referenced Psych.py, so I'm wondering if there is a way to fix this through Dasylab, or if troubleshooting is needed through the back end python file. I have tried to uninstall and then re-install the CoolProp files in a 'site-packages' folder, and (2) additional .dlp self extracting files without any impact to the error. Once these 'CoolProp' files were copied into the 'site-packages' folder and .dlp files extracted, they are Enabled in configurator. I wanted not just to disable them, but uninstall them, but I'm not sure how to delete/uninstall them. Not sure if that is the right avenue to go down either.
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