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  1. Hi @Fausto Thank you very much for your information. That's very usefully. However, I would like to check of WebDAQ is compatible with cellular network (3G/4G/5G networks). Can we plug a 3G/4G/5G USB dongle to WebDAQ and create a wireless connection to WebDAQ? We would like to control and get data from WebDAQ from a very long distance. Thanks. Pham Quoc Hung
  2. Hi, May I check if it is possible to have a 4G/5G dongle connected to WebDAQ and the 4G/5G dongle will provide wireless connection for remote user to configure WebDAQ and for WebDAQ to send data back to remote server. The main purpose is to avoid the need of wired network infrastructure. Thank you very much. Pham Quoc Hung
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