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  1. Hello. I was asked to post this to the forum, since it was too technical for the service team. We have used the DT9832A-04-2-OEM DAQ module in one of our products for many years. This 4 channel DAQ was discontinued a couple years ago, and replaced with it’s 2 channel version, which is not recommended for new designs. We are looking at the USB-1604HS-2AO DAQ to redesign our product around. It has all the features of the original DT9832A-04-2-OEM that has worked very well for us. I wanted to verify one aspect of the USB-1604HS-2AO that the DT9832A-04-2-OEM had. This is critical for our product. I could not find this specifically in the documentation, although it says that both subsystems can use the same pacer clock, but not anything about their startup timing. We require the ADC and the DAC subsystems to simultaneously start, on the same clock pulse. If the USB-1604HS-2AO uses the same “OpenLayers” libraries and it is verified that the simultaneous start works the same as the DT9832A-04-2-OEM, we can move forward with this redesign. A code snippet of ours is below: //Setup simultaneous start list CHECKERROR (olDaGetSSList(&simstartlist)); CHECKERROR (olDaPutDassToSSList(simstartlist, FhAD)); CHECKERROR (olDaPutDassToSSList(simstartlist, FhDA)); //Prestart queue_doneDAC = false; CHECKERROR (olDaSimultaneousPrestart(simstartlist)); //and wait end_time = DT_OVERHEAD + GetTickCount(); while((!queue_doneDAC) && (GetTickCount() < end_time)) { Application->ProcessMessages(); } CheckCallbackMessages(); AddDebugMessage("Playwf Prestart done"); //Start queue_doneADC = false; io_doneDAC = false; CHECKERROR (olDaSimultaneousStart(simstartlist)); · DT9832A-02-2-OEM: Simultaneous USB DAQ Module; 16-bit, 2.0MHz per channel, 2 AI, 32 DIO, 2 C/T, 3 Q/D, No Enclosure. Not recommended for new applications. Please consider the USB-1604HS-2AO instead. Thank you
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