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  1. @Fausto Thank you very much! I was contacted by the Digilent distributor for my region and they're providing us assistance and quotations.
  2. Unfortunately, I haven't heard back from that address either. The e-mail was delivered, but hasn't been replied to.
  3. @Fausto An update: I tried sending an e-mail to the address provided, and Outlook provided me an error message that says "Recipient address rejected: Access denied." , indicating the address is invalid. Could you please provide me an alternative e-mail address I can send my quotation request to? Thanks in advance! PS.: It seems my previous reply, above, is being held in moderation for now and not showing until it's approved.
  4. @Fausto Thanks, I'll send an email. As for Windows 11, unfortunately National Instruments only provides 32-bit drivers for our SCXI device, and Windows 11 is 64-bit only, so even if we upgrade our DASYLab to the most recent version, the most we can do to keep using this data acquisition system we already own is to run it under Windows 10 32-bit, with at most NI-DAQmx 20.1 driver, as that's the final version with 32-bit Windows support, more recent NI-DAQmx versions having dropped 32-bit drivers altogether. We do know Windows 8.1 32-bit + NI-DAQmx 18.5 + DASYLab 11.00.02 work, as we use that combination even though SCXI support was deprecated after NI-DAQmx 9.3 (from Windows 7 days). I imagine Windows 10 32-bit + a version of NI-DAQmx between 18.5 and 20.1 + DASYLab 2022 might also work, but that'd be the extent of it. Anything newer is incompatible.
  5. Dear Sir, Last week I used the contact form on Digilent's website to request a quote for 4 DASYLab Full licenses to use with NI CompactDAQ chassis we already own, on Windows 11 if it's compatible with it, on Windows 10 if not. I haven't received a reply yet, so I imagine the contact form may not be working as expected, or maybe incorrectly tagged my contact submission as spam, so I'm trying the forum. Is there a sales e-mail address I might send further inquiries to? If possible, I'd prefer contact in writing, as I'm much more proficient in reading and writing in English than I am at hearing and speaking it. Thanks in advance! Regards, Alexander Gieg PS: We already use an obsolete version of DASYLab from 2010, v11.00.02, which runs well up to Windows 8.1 controlling an old NI SCXI system, hence our interest. We know a newer version is needed because that one shows graphic glitches on Windows 10, so we're looking into potentially also upgrading that one to the newest version if it's compatible with Windows 8.1 32-bit, as well as with the older NI-DAQmx driver required to control the NI SCXI, which only runs up to Windows 8.1 32-bit.
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