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  1. 1. We need one DAC for transmission, and one ADC for reception. These operations will need to be triggered, and they do not take place at the same time. 2. The waveform is created on-the-fly, based on physical sensor inputs. Therefore we will not be playing pre-recorded waveforms. 3. In the initial implementation, all we need is one DAC path, and one ADC path. 4. As long as the switching delay between transmit and receive operations is less than 2 seconds, that's tolerable. 5. If the DAC has some low-pass filtering, we need a frequency response at least up to 60 KHz. 6. A sampling rate of 240 KSPS or higher for DAC would be ideal, but we can make do with 192 KSPS. Same is true for the ADC. Thank you very much.
  2. We are building an embedded application for our wireless communications modem. We have a single board computer, to which the DAQ would be connected. The single board computer presently is operated using command-line Linux. The goal is to have DAC and ADC capabilities, respectively, for transmit and receive. For both transmit and receive operations, our max frequency is around 50 KHz. Therefore as long as DAC and ADC filters have broad enough responses (as broad as 50 KHz), we will be ok. The main concern is really whether we will be able to activate the transmit operation by a command line from linux, and then switch to receive operation again from the command line. Thanks for your help.
  3. Thanks very much Fausto. So let's assume that we will transmit a number of waveforms in a row. Do we need to write a piece of software script that initiates the DAQ software and instructs it to perform DAC operation each time we want to transmit a waveform?
  4. Hi there, I'd like to know more about the sampling rates as well as general input/output configurations for this device: https://digilent.com/shop/mcc-usb-1608g-series-high-speed-multifunction-usb-daq-devices/ We would like to consider this device for ADC and DAC operations for our acoustic communication system. For DAC, we will need to be able to convert our waveforms of arbitrary shapes into analog. For ADC, we will need to be able to sample 2 channels, each at 250 Ksps per channel. I'd appreciate if someone could contact me on these questions. Please note that we do not need the DAQ to create its own waveforms. We need it to be able to work with arbitrary waveforms. We are also considering this unit for an embedded device, so we will need to be able to set it up, deploy and let it stay in place indefinitely rather than occasional measurements. If this unit is not suitable for our needs, I'd appreciate an alternative suggestion. Thank you.
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