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  1. How to use 2 MCC DAQ system on one DASYLab sosftware
  2. Can you suggest us like - 2 nos. of USB2533 (This will give us 16 nos. of AI and 8 Counter inputs Just let me know Which system is less noisy USB1808 or USB2533?
  3. DT9857E is costly option. Is there any other cost effective option. We need 6 nos. of pulse counter inputs along with 16 diff. Analog inputs @ 5KHz per channels. Also ler us know which version of DASYLAB supports to combine system? Does DASYLAB supports to DT as well as MCC?
  4. which software can be used to log combine data of both systems?
  5. But DT9857 doesn't have counter inputs. We need 6 nos. of pulse counter inputs along with 16 diff. Analog inputs. so please sugges suitable system.
  6. Please suggest a system which will record noise free data of 16 analog inputs @ 5000Hz. pers channel. Inputs are mV, so please suggest 16 bit or 24bit. Apart from this we want to count around 1,00,000 pulses of a Servomotor to measure the displacement which are corresponds to Pulse.
  7. I am using DAQami Version 4.2.1f0 with my Panel Pc having processor J1900@1.9GHz with 4GB memory. Operating system is Windows 10 Pro 64 bit. But when we Run DAQami Application with Demo mode of 8 ch, the CPU usage shoots upto 100%, this is causing high temperature of the CPU. And beacause of which my PC gets hang. No other application is running when we are using DAQAmi. With hardware USB2416 the situation become worst, is hangs my PC. So please let me know how to resolve the issue of DAQami
  8. One of our user of DT9837A DAQ system, is looking for exclusive software for Vibration Measurement & Analysis. I hope your DASYLAB software is compatible with DT9837A He need a few features along with vibration analysis in your DASYLAB software. 1. Campbell diagram.(freq V/S Speed) graph. 2. PSP or spectrogram ( time v/s frequency v/s amplitude graph) 3. Banding (L,M,H bands) could be mentioned. 4. Envelop Spectrum. So kindly confirm that whether above features are available in your software.
  9. These CFC Filters are available with NI's Labview. So can we communicate DT9837A with Labview and apply these filters.
  10. how to select 4 pole for butterworth. how to select stop dampling ? How to select CFC60 parameters in Quickdaq. pls give example for following :
  11. Could you please confirm, whether QuickDAQ Software includes CFC 60,180,600,and 1000 Filters. as per compliant with SAE J211 and ISO 6487 Norms.
  12. Do I need to ground the system? How to ground? External signal conditioner is not the solution
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