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  1. Thank you for your reply. We are able to display the output of MCC 172 in the webserver. 1. However kindly let us know , whether the output of 128 and 172 can be simultaneously displayed in the same or different windows in time domain. (We are able to acquire data simultaneously). 2. Can we download the webserver package in our Raspberry pie and use it without the connection to internet? Whether we can plot the FFT simultaneously for MCC 128 and MCC 172 in the same or different windows in frequency domain.
  2. We are able to obtain data from MCC 128 and MCC 172 simultaneously. However we are unable to the following: 1. Obtain/ Plot the output of MCC 172 when it is connected to a IEPE accelerometer of make PCB having model no. 353B31 whose sensitivity is 5.1 mv/m/s2 i.e 50 mv/g 2. Is it possible to plot the output of either board i.e MCC 128 and MCC 172 in same/different window ?
  3. Problems encountered: 1. The continuous scan program displays only 4 channels i.e Channel 0,1,2,3. It should display 8 single ended channels (0 to 7). 2. Signal connected to channel 0 or 1 is displayed in channels 0,1,2,3. 3. For graphically plotting the acquired data one needs to use the web server. This requires downloading dash. We are unable to download it. Kindly advice.
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