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  1. WOW, Thank you for your detailed explanation, it has been of great help for me to understand how the relation between the channels and the physical ports takes place. As for your questions, yes it is a project given to me. However i cannot access it for some time now (they took the machine for another project and i dont have access to it now :( ). However, i was able to contact the guy who develop the whole system and he told me something i was doing wrong. "in instacal app, change the configuration from 4 channels differencial to 8 single-ended". Maybe thats why some things were not working properly. The button enable board (i think is the signal you mention) controls de board yes, it used to reset it in case something goes off. My guess is that its a simple rele that stablish/cuts the power to all the stuff. I will keep you informed, once we get the machine back for further testing. Thank you a lot for your help.
  2. Versions of the software i am using: OS: Windows 10 DAQami version 4.2.1f0, Universal Library Version: 6.73 (drivers) InstaCal version 6.73 I dont know what channels i am using, i only know that there are 6 in total, 4 analog and 2 digital. When i open Instacal board configuration says input mode Differential (4ch) The thing powering the sensors would be the board, cause when i restart the pc and before starting DAQami, the sensors are turned off. That means that when i click on run on DAQami and on the enable board button of the display the sensors, lights and camera start working (the button i have to press to turn everything on, besides the start adquisition, highlighted in red in the following image) I also attached the configuration file of DAQami to this answer. I do not have access to any wiring schematics or anything, they drop this project to me and i have no idea which channel is connected to what element as the board doesnt have the number or anything printed on it. As for if there is any resistence connected to the elements, unless the board has some inner resistence the elements are connected directly to the board. And the board to the pc. No idea whatsover my only guess right now is that i have to send a signal to somewhere to emulate the same behaviour i can do through the UI (clicking on the green button and the enable board button) Thanks for your time. daqmiconfig.amicfg
  3. One thing i noticed is that previous to start up daqami for the first time after a start up sensors are turned off, which i suppose means the board is not sending energy to those channels or ports. How can i get it to do that programatically? Thanks in advance
  4. Hello, i am trying to obtain data from a USB-231 board with 4 channels. There are two main sensors attached to it that i really need to obtain the data, distance sensor:SICK DT50-P1123 200mm to 10m 4-20mA distance sensor temperature sensor: LM35DZ analog temperature sensor When i run my programm the DAQami interface stops working, the sensors turn off (i suppose because the values returned are negatives very close to 0 and the laser from the sensor disappears). I dont know what is happening i attach my programm to this thread, where is the mistake? Program (2).cs
  5. Another thing i ve noticed is that when i run the programm you sendt the laser sensor turns off, idk why
  6. Hello again, your help has been of great value. I am trying to apply this concept to the temperature sensor which is this model: https://es.rs-online.com/web/p/circuitos-integrados-de-sensores-de-temperatura-y-humedad/8115595P?cm_mmc=ES-PPC-DS3A-_-google-_-DSA_ES_ES_Semiconductores_Index-_-Circuitos+Integrados+de+Sensores+de+Temperatura+y+Humedad|+Products-_-DYNAMIC+SEARCH+ADS&matchtype=&dsa-1672824838924&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIyuSBxcizgQMVkYZoCR09Jg8_EAAYAiAAEgKDxfD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds However nothing sensible seems to come out of it. This is the data extracted with the programm (voltage units) ---->applying formulae-----> I don't know which channels is which sensor, but taking your last comment and applying the formulae the fourth value should represent the distance sensor, the rest is unknown. My guess is that due to the temperature not changing so much it must be the second value. Is it possible to get information of the sensor throught the channel? Thanks in advance.
  7. Maybe this exceeds the topics of this forum but Could you explain where do you get that correlation? i am an IT engineer, 0 idea about voltage, amps or anything of the like. They dead drop this project to me and i have no clue on such matters. Thank you in advance.
  8. The programm works thank you, however is not prompting the expected results, idk what is it reading to be honest, i think it might be the voltage but i want the temperature value and the distance and by the results of this programm it says there is only 4 channels?. Could it be that i have to change the configuration of the Instacall.cfg file ? if so is there a manual or something? in the end i want to be able to extract the same information as the image i attach to this answer (in red the info i really need, the config file for daqami is on the original question of this thread).
  9. Hello, i am trying to develop an application in C# that fetchs the data from a distance sensor SICK DT50-P1123 200mm to 10m 4-20mA distance sensor and a temperature sensor LM35DZ analog temperature sensor. I inherited a proyect which had already a DAQami configuration made for such matters, however i cannot seem to figure out how to do the same from c# (that is picking up the values). The board connection is USB-231 i have tried VIN, AIN, daqInScan and basically every option that the documentation says but so far everything is either zeros, a 32xxxxx number which idk where it comes from and what i suspect is a voltage value for the next reason: As i continued my research in this API it appears that the board configuration it loads for the board is the same as the one created by Instacal programm. I don't understand the relation between this two programs, moreover how could it be possible then for DAQami to work correctly then if the device number that appears in both programs (the same device then) is the same USB-231 board? I am deeply confused and i cannot seem to figure out how to pick up the data. I attached the configuration file of the DAQami to this topic too. The board has other stuff connected to it too, but i mainly want to know the temperature and the distance sensor value. Thanks in advance DAQAMI_CONFIG.amicfg
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