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  1. If nothing else I am tenacious. Despite constant naysayers my efforts have been rewarded thanks to a response form a fellow on eBay. The information I sought is here if any other happen along this way. Dave out http://www.bitsavers.org/pdf/dataTranslation/UM-00049-A_DT1742_High_Resolution_Multibus_Analog_Interfaces_May88.pdf
  2. Thanks Fausto. With all due respect that much I already knew. I was just hoping that someone, somewhere had some documentation on it. As mentioned it's too good and expensive a part to just throw away. I certainly have use for it if only in an Arduino or Raspberry Pi situation. Dave out
  3. I've discovered a brand new DT5712-PGH data acquisition module/signal prcocessor in our storage area but it has no documentation with it. Does anyone have a source for that. It is too good a module to toss. Thank you.
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