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  1. Hi @Fausto: Thank you for letting me know the location of the file. ThePCI-DAS6033 is mentioned. I don't know if my system has an additional PCI slot beyond the one that is has been plugged into for years. However, even if there is, I am concerned that switching slots would change the configuration. Windows XP and I don't know the version of InstaCal but it was installed in 2012. InstaCal closes completely when I hit cancel when the message in the initial post appears. serial # 089878 Thank you! Kimberly
  2. Hello: I ran InstaCal because my data acquisition software (Snapmaster) stated that my A/D board Model PCI-DAS6033 was not detected. I've attached the InstaCal message here. I have a fragile system and don't want to make any changes or lose the current configuration. Where is board configuration stored other than the board? I want to make sure all files that have board configuration are backed up. There is lots of custom configuration that I cannot lose. I would like to discuss with someone my options in terms of repair/diagnosis of the issues with the A/D board. Thank you!
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