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  1. One thing I have noticed that sometimes the USB-2416 channels will switch to single ended voltage mode or they will change from a type K to type J configuration without me changing anything. I keep InstaCAL open while I am using DASYLab. All the thermocouples are connected, however some were left open (unplugged to female connectors) for troubleshooting. The 2416 is older and we have used it reliably in the past. The AI-EXP32 is new and purchased for this experiment. Windows 10 DasyLAB 2020 InstaCAL
  2. I am using a USB-TC, USB-2416, and the AI-EXP32 to measure 40 thermocouple signals. Instacal is able to read channels using the "Test" -> "Analog Input" functionality. However, when I use the MCC-DRV analog input module I get that 2/15 (CH 0 and 1) channels provide a good signal and the others are either 0 or 9999 (+ or -). This issue does not occur with the USB-TC and only on the USB-2416 and AI-EXP32 module.
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