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  1. Thank you! I am using python for Linux but it should be similar.
  2. Hello, i am trying to store the analog input data for further analysis. I know this should be very easy but i am a noob at programming. how can i modify the a_in_scan.py function a little bit to store the data into a file? thanks in advance.
  3. Hello, I don't know how to output and measure the analog input signals at the same time using USB 1808-x
  4. Hello Fausto, Thank you very much for your response. I resolved the issue.
  5. hi, i have encountered the same issue. I am using a linux workstation with the newest Ubuntu distribution.
  6. Thank you for your response! I have figured out how to output 2 different analog waveforms by interleaving the data buffer. Using the nested loop provided by the a_out_scan.py example, I am able to get 2 different waves with the same frequency. I am currently working on how to make the 2 signals' frequencies different. I think I need to use different samples_per_second and change up the nested loop in create_output_data() a bit. Edit: I figured it out. There are still some offset errors that I'm still investigating. I might ask it in a separate question. Thank you!
  7. Hello, Thank you for answering! I am using Python UL for Linux. I try to call the function a_out_scan() twice with 2 different data buffers but it would raise an UL exception. (UL_Error_ALREADY_ACTIVE); I don't quite understand the idea of interleaving the data for 2 channels into one 1-D array. We are trying to output 2 different analog outputs on the 2 different channels, i.e., channel Aout0 outputting a sine wave, and channel Aout1 outputting a triangular wave. Is it possible? Best, Charlie
  8. Hi, I am trying to figure out how to output 2 analog signals simultaneously. (the 2 signals are different, one sinusoidal, and another a triangular wave. The example python code, a_out_scan.py seems to be only able to take one data buffer) I tried to call the a_out_scan function twice but it doesn't seem to work. Is it even possible to output 2 different analog signals simultaneously using the USB-1808x?
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