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  1. Hello Fausto, Thanks for the suggestions. I was very hopeful when I opened the DT9847 Open Layer Device Driver and saw that they were all unspecified. Unfortunately, this did not resolve the issue, but did provide additional insight into the issue. At least, I hope so. To assist in further evaluating the issue, the following are screen shots of the setup and QuickDAQ setup verification, followed by the results from running the Matlab Script you provided. Look forward to any additional thoughts you may have. Thanks, Ivan DT9847 Control Panel with settings updated as suggested in your post. Matlab Add-On-Manager: Data Translation Stack QuickDAQ Operation to Verify DT9847 D/A to A/D Hardware & Operation Results of DT9847_background_Streaming_AI_AO_v1.m Results with modified Data Signal DT9847_background_Streaming_AI_AO_v1.m The original output data signal which resulted in the recorded 50Hz rectangular wave graphed above was a 50Hz sinusoid with +/- 2 Volt peak to peak. I modified the output signal as follows, a 50Hz sinusoid with +/- 1 Volt peak to peak signal. data = linspace(0,pi*100,s.Rate)'; %outputSignal1 = sin(data)*2; % Original Signal outputSignal1 = sin(data); % Modified Signal This modification resulted in the same D/A to A/D response I have been observing based on the script I used for testing which was similar to the one you had provided.
  2. Hello Fausto, Thank you for the suggestion. I have followed your suggestion in the sequence you suggested. Unfortunately obtained the same result as originally posted. Ivan
  3. Hi John, Followed your suggestion from 6/23 - uninstalled the DT Omni software and drivers and uninstalled the DT Matlab toolbox. Reinstalled the DT Omni CD from your link (v7.8.2) and next installed the DAQ adapter from the link you provided. After updating obtained the same result as originally posted. Any additional thoughts. Thanks, Ivan
  4. Hi John, Thanks for the update. I will see if this works and will update. Thanks, Ivan
  5. Hi John, Thanks for the response. "Will it work if you moved only the USB connection back to the Dell Precision 7530 without changing anything else?" Yes, it does work fine when switching back to the 7530 with no change in setup between the two computers. "Have you tried testing with the QuickDAQ program?" Yes, using the QuickDAQ program there was no issue with generating a sine wave with the 5570. Best, Ivan
  6. Overview - Successfully implemented MATLAB application with DT9847 with a Dell Precision 7530 laptop using the software and driver configuration outlined below. When attempting to implement the same application on a Dell Precision 5570 laptop, the application failed to operate correctly. The application involved using a single input and output channel on the DT9847 simultaneously and in background mode. Based on troubleshooting the issue with the Dell Precision 5570, it was found that the analog output channel of the DT9847 was not operating correctly. Configuration: Dell Precision 5570 | 32GB Memory Operating System: Windows 10Pro; Version 22H2 MATLAB: ' (R2019a) Update 9' Data Translation Open Layers 7.8.2 Data Translation DT9847-3-1 (Device ID: 'DT9847-3-1(00)') Analog input subsystem supports: -10 to +10 Volts,-1.0 to +1.0 Volts ranges Rates from 1000.0 to 216000.0 scans/sec 3 channels ('0','1','2') 'Voltage','IEPE' measurement types Analog output subsystem supports: -3.0 to +3.0 Volts,-10 to +10 Volts ranges Rates from 30000.0 to 216000.0 scans/sec Digital subsystem supports: 4 channels ('port0/line0','port0/line1','port0/line2','port0/line3') 'InputOnly','OutputOnly' measurement types Troubleshooting – based on testing the input and output channels independently using an O-scope and signal generator, the input channel operated as expected and the output channel failed. The Matlab code used for testing is attached. The attached graph is a screen capture of the output from the DT9847 D/A while running the Matlab script with a Dell Precision 5570. As indicated in the code, a 10 second sinusoidal signal was transmitted from the PC at 100Hz 0.9V0-p. The graph indicates the DT9847 output is triggered, but incorrectly. Note, this same code produces the correct output using the same configuration outlined above but implemented on a Dell Precision 7530. DT9847_TestSetup_II.m
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