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  1. Hi @Fausto, Thank you for the help. I am still a confused on why I am getting a valid samples = 0 on the re-start if the hbuf is non-zero. Is the data width so large that the output is close to 0? Thank you, Steven
  2. Error: valid samples = 0 <> adc bufferlength = 4800 I am somewhat new to VB6. I am having the error above when I restart my program (Start->Stop->Start->Error). There is no error on the first start. I understand that the oldmGetValidSample is an imported function, but, for some reason, on the second start, samples is set to 0 instead of being updated. What does oldmGetValidSample do to the samples variable exactly?
  3. Trying to work on Visual Basic 6.0. Downloaded the software package from mccdaq already. Is there a separate file I should download?
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