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  1. I'm being told the person starts the program to begin an exotherm curve on a paste solution. A few seconds after the program starts, it then shuts itself down. I do not have screen shots/images available. No backup system with DASYLab 12.0 and their worksheet either. Do you have contractors that you can recommend to come to the facility to see what is happening? This issue needs corrected immediately as the manufacturing process shuts down without the information from the lab.
  2. Hello, I consult for a company whose laboratory uses the DASYlab 12.0 program for specific test readings. The lab supervisor is telling me the system is not working properly and has not been working properly for several weeks now. The data collected from this system is critical to the production floor. The company would like to find out if your company has technical personnel that are able to come to the factory and determine if the programming can be repaired or if a new system needs to be purchased. What are the next steps to get this issue resolved? Thank you
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