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  1. Is there any example for mcc118 and mcc172 together? I set HW connection between MCC172 and MCC118 and RPI. GPIO17 : EXTERNAL TRIGGER I want to synchronize data between 2 HATs, so I also connect MCC172's clock source to MCC118. GPIO5 : EXTERNAL CLOCK from MCC172 to MCC118 And I attached test source code, but it returns MCC118 HW overrun error with clock sync. (It works fine with separate clock.) upload_forum.c
  2. Hello @Fausto I configured HW and SW what you suggested. But there were some problem on reading sampled data. When I set clock source on MCC172 to SOURCE_MASTER and MCC118 to EXT_CLOCK, it looks like MCC118 get data but MCC172 can't get data. When I set clock source on MCC172 to SOURCE_LOCAL and MCC118 to internal clock, Both of them works properly. Is there any guide or example like this? I attached file what I modified. upload_forum.c @JRys Could you review my question?
  3. If I want to use MCC118 and MCC172 together, Could I set data syncronization between MCC118 and MCC172?? MCC118 use clock signal for sampling, and MCC172 also use clock for sampling. If I set options param to OPTS_EXTCLOCK on mcc118_a_in_scan_start and OPTS_CONTINUOUS on mcc172_a_in_scan_start, Could those devices(MCC118,MCC172) syncronize their sampling period?
  4. I connected external signal on TRIG port of MCC172, And I couldn't sensing signal from GPIO05. Do you mean TRIG Signal can only be share between MCC172s?
  5. Hello @Fausto But I input 3.3V on TRIG and connected GPIO05 with voltage meter, It didn't show 3.3V. Is there any configuration for share trigger signal with RPI?
  6. I saw the block diagram of MCC172, It looks like accessing trig signal from raspberry pi. Is the signal of the MCC172 trig connected to the raspberry pi side?
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