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  1. Using Daqami, I can toggle on/off the digital ports when the internal jumper is in the default position (all ports at 5V in the off position, and 0V in the on position) but not when the jumper is placed so that the normal digital out is 0V. I need to send an outbyte to energize each digital port to control solid-state relays (for downstream solenoid and light controls) and cannot have all the relays close as soon as the DAQ board is powered up. How is that done with the 2408 board? Secondly, can this be done using the UL library in VB.net?
  2. I have an older (2015) 2408-2AO board. Instacal does not recognize the DIO ports (doesn't allow testing of them) and I get digital port error message when running UL application in VB. Is there a problem with the DAQ device or am I missing something? Analog input and output work fine.
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