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  1. While troubleshooting one of the analog outputs on a Window 7 based system utilizing a DT3016, a second DT3016 was swapped into the system as a hardware test. With the new board installed, something in the program errored out (no error message displayed) causing the custom application to close. Is there an enumeration scheme with the DT3016's that generate unique "device ID's" based on the board serial number. The closest example I can give would be the way some drivers handle multiple board installations in the same computer by assigning a Dev(0), Dev(2)... address to each of the devices. The software application was generic over multiple systems so aside from a possible Device ID number, no specific board identifiers (e.g. s/n or other identifiers) would have been used. If yes, how would one view the device number and change it back to the original ID (the assumption being that system is trying to address the original board). Another possibility is that the board that was swapped in was an original Keithley KPCI-3116A (I'm working remotely with a customer and they said the boards were "visually" identical. Are the boards truly interchangeable or due they require different drivers (we manufactured systems using both boards but never at the same time). Thank's in advance. ---BJF
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