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  1. Hi, Our procurement department was told that we have a full license for DAQami with our purchase of USB-205. However, we would need to obtain a key to activate it. Can you tell me how to get a key? Thanks
  2. Just got a USB-205. If I have an open line on an analogue channel; not connected to anything or an open circuit, I get erratic measurements usually bouncing around 1.75V. I am using this for cable testing where the voltage should go to zero if there is an open circuit / wire break condition. Is there a way to stop this from happening?
  3. I got DAQami to work on a Windows 10 machine. Thanks for the assistance
  4. Yes, new install. Windows is not showing any updates available when refreshed.
  5. Purchased a USB-205 module to use with the included DAQami software. The DAQami software seemed to install okay, however it immediately seems crash after the initial screen appears, without error messages, etc. I check the Task Manager and none of the software applications are running in the background. I uninstalled and re-installed and rebooted; No change. I am running on Windows 11 Home under administrator account. Any suggestions or recommendations? Thanks Eric
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