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  1. Hello. I'm facing a new issue related to the USB-201-OEM module and MATLAB 2022a. I can acquire analog samples from the Ai0 channel from the module if I do it through the Command Window of MATLAB R2022a (64bits), running on Windows 10. But I can't do it through the executable file generated by the Application compiler of MATLAB. Although I'm using Instacal version 6.60, the version is installed through 'Add-Ons' menu option. I added the own MATLAB script, Command Window output, the command prompt output, and the daqtest.txt file generated when I call the 'daqsupport' function into the MATLAB script. instaCalTest.m MATLAB_CommandWindow_Output.txt Windows10_CommandPrompt_Output.txt daqtest.txt Hopefully, someone can help me. Luis Antonio
  2. I had a similar issue with the device MCC USB-201-OEM in MATLAB R2022a, but I resolved it following the procedure posted by Fausto. In addition, I added screen captures before and after applying the procedure. Initial error related to the driver, code error -226: Bug fixed: Thanks Fausto!
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