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  1. I am reaching out to you about the Data Translations QuickDAQ from the DT9836 series. My company is using this DAQ connected to a PC on multiple of our machines. We are also using custom developed software that interfaces with the DAQ via the DTOpenLayers software libraries. We have found when we upgrade our PCs from Windows 7 to Windows 10 our DAQs starts to crash and show "DAQ Driver Runtime Error... This error is generated by the device if a USB bus or hardware problem occurs". This error will occur intermittently and halt our production. We have found temporary solutions such as changing the DAQ connection from a USB 3.0 to a USB 2.0 and placing our PC under Application Control. I'm hoping to get help with understanding why our DAQ is showing this runtime error and how we could resolve the issue. Unsure if this is a driver issue, Windows compatibility issue, or an antivirus issue.
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