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  1. Hi @Fausto Sorry for the delay in replying. The communication break is only momentary. The next communication succeeds. How can my application detect this error without the message box popping up and forcing my application to pause until someone clicks the "OK" button. If the failing function could return an error code, my app can see this and just pause for 100ms and try again. But the Popup message must be clicked, forcing some "human interaction". This is not compatible with an Automatic System! How can I suppress the popup? Thank you D
  2. I’m using an MCC USB-2637 DAQ board in a Tester. On rare occasions, I get the error “Specified USB board not detected” I understand the reason for it – sometimes electrical noise in my equipment interferes in the USB communication. But it is only momentary, and if the command is repeated, the connection is restored. I’m working on a design change to make the physical connection more robust which I hope will solve the problem. In the meantime, every time this error occurs, the program pauses so that a popup window can be clicked The problem is that this is a multi-station system, and if the monitor for the PC where this message occurs is not visible, then the operator doesn’t know that it is waiting to be clicked. It just hangs the entire system because the supervisor system waits for the tester PCs in the system to finish their tests before proceeding. Is there a way to suppress this message, and just return an error code if the board is not detected? Then the application can wait for a short period and then try again, and the only effect is a short delay in the program. If the connection can’t be established after 3 attempts, then the program can report an error and the operator can be notified by the application about the failing station in the system, and take appropriate action. Thanks for your help D
  3. I'm using a USB-2637 to monitor multiple channels in the background while automatically activating a switch. But I need to get the timing from switch activation until output signal. Is it possible to get a timestamp with each measurement from AInScan? Even a millisecond counter value - to get precise relative times of each measurement. Thank you
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