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  1. Just wanted to post a final reply here for anyone else that encounters this. I did end up ordering the HS3 cable and it works fine. It hooked up to the connector that came with the LiteFury and I ran the USB cable out through one of the card ports on the back of the case and plugged it into a USB plugs, and it works fine. I am able to program the LiteFury... I think. I don't know enough yet to prove it is working, but Vivado recognizes it (autoconnect finds it) and I am able to program the device without any errors. Now on to learning PCIe.
  2. @jcolvin, I think you ran into much of what I ran into. I did find on Reddit a discussion about using the HS3 cable for LiteFury board and it is recommended an supported. So it sounds like the Digilent HS3 cable is the way to go and ultimately seems to have same or the better features than the XUP cable at $150 (or $99 academic). I'm still learning, so the Xilinix smart-lynq is overkill for for now. The HS3 seems to be best fit, and nice that is also the least expensive. Thanks for taking the time to look into this for me. Much appreciated. Jon
  3. I need to purchase an HS3 programming cable for a Xilinx FPGA PCIe board (LiteFury). I see that there's an option for the XUP USB-JTAG Programming Cable and/or programming modules as well. I'm hoping someone can offer some guidance as to which one might be the best long-term option and which offers the best set of features. I'm not concerned about the price difference, more intrested in what additional benefits I might have with the XUP cable or programming modules. Looking at the descriptions they all seem to fit my needs But I don't see why the XUP cable is nearly $100 more. Does that cable offer additional features that the HS3 and/or programming modules do not? What I don't want to do is get the HS3 now and a few months down the road realize I can't debug or don't have access to some other features I don't even know about today, then end up ordering the XUP cable or a programming model. I have way too many modules, programmers, and dev boards sitting around from old projects that I don't use anymore... but nothing that supports Xilinx. So I'm hoping to figure out the best option now and not have to order another down the road. Any guideance or suggestions are much appreciated. Best regards, Jon
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